There’s no doubt about it—life is better with a Sundance® spa. Owning one of the world’s best hot tubs will transform how you and your loved ones spend time together, and help you all live happier, healthier lives.


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Whether you’re celebrating friendships or connecting with your partner, Sundance® spas are where moments are made. Discover hot tubs by size or visit our showroom to find the model that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Sundance® Spas is recognized as one of the premier hot tub brands in the world, offering a relaxing and health-enhancing experience. The flow of warm water loosens muscle tension, relieves pressure on surrounding nerves, joints, and blood vessels, and eases movements. The jet-driven force of water also stimulates healthy circulation and digestion, and improves skin tone.


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Maximize relaxation with features that make Sundance® Spa ownership a breeze. Every element is designed specifically for you, with quality and reliability in mind.


Sundance® SmartTub™ System

The new exclusive Sundance® SmartTub™ System* is engineered to maximize your relaxation, recovery and performance potential. From an app on your smartphone, you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership, making it easier than ever to use and maintain your hot tub.**